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“Seeing my daughters face light up when the puppies arrived made my day as much as it did hers. The puppies were adorable, playful, and energetic. The kids loved it!”

Samantha R.

Puppy Party - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do the puppies come from? 
We are a family-owned group of puppy stores in Southern California, Nevada, and Utah. We have connected thousands of families with puppies since 2008. All of our puppies come from licensed breeders or rescue organizations. Every puppy is happy, playful, active, up to date on vaccines, dewormed, vet checked, and guaranteed healthy.

2. How do you make sure the puppies are handled safely?
Our dedicated staff members are experienced in handling puppies and are vet assistants or vet techs. Our experience and the fact that we are overseen by a veterinarian enables us to be very good caretakers of our puppy babies. Every party includes at the least one staff member who hosts the event and monitors the puppies’ health and safety.

3. When and where do your parties take place?
We host parties 7 days a week with our first party starting at 11am and last party starting at 6pm Monday – Saturday. On Sunday, our last puppy party is at 3pm All events must end promptly at their appointed end time. At this time we do not provide services outside our party halls.

4. How much do your events cost?
The base price of our puppy party is $399 for the first two hours. A nonrefundable deposit of $50 must be made to reserve the time and day for your party. Remaining payment will be due the day of your event. This fee includes a dedicated staff member, fun and games for kids’ parties, food and drinks, and a goodie bag to take home.

5. Food and Drink Details
Each puppy party is geared to host up to 10 guests and includes 5 large pizzas and 20 juice boxes. Additional pizzas can be ordered for $10 per box and $1 per drink. For our adult birthday, corporate, or bachelorette puppy parties, each pizza can be substituted for any combination of veggie trays, cheese and cracker trays, and or bagels (6 pack) with cream cheese. The food is included as part of the party a package deal and cannot be discounted; however you are more than welcome to bring your own food. Please keep in mind that we do not have refrigerators, microwaves, or stoves in the party hall, but a table will be provided for food setup.

6. What forms of payment do you accept?
Final payment should be on and before the day of the event. We accept payment via Visa, American Express, Mastercard or Discover. We do not accept payment via check.

7. What add-on options are available?
Each puppy party includes 5 puppies to play with for 2 hours. Additional puppies are available for $40 each. Additional half-hour time blocks are available for $80 each. The following restrictions apply:

  • Every event includes is offered with 5 puppies
  • Limit of 7 puppies per event.

8. I have X number of kids coming, how many puppies should I ask for?
Each puppy party includes 5 puppies with a maximum of 20 children. This allows for 4 children to sit in a circle and play with 1 puppy per group. Puppy parties are geared for children 6 years of age or older.

9. Can I have my event outdoors?
Unfortunately at this time we do not offer puppy parties outside of our puppy party hall. Each party hall is air conditioned and has comfortable seating, and tables for setting up gifts, food, and eating.

10. Can I select specific breeds for my event?
We do not allow for selection of specific breeds. We reserve the right to curate the selection based on the number of events that day, as well as the age of the guests, number of guests, and duration of your event.

11. I’ve booked an event and I received the forms.
How long do I have to submit them? Please complete and return those forms within 3 (three) days of receipt. Inability to do so may lead to the loss of your requested time slot and ability to re-book.

12. I work with an event planning agency and I would like to book events between you and my client. How would this work?
We prefer to interface directly but we can work with planning agencies. We offer a 15% referral commission reward.

13. Is it true that I can receive a free puppy party with the adoption of a puppy?
Yes this is absolutely true! Many of our party guests fall in love with our puppies and want to take one home. As a way to say thank you for adopting a puppy – the party is on us! Any deposits or monies paid will be applied to the adoption fee. Guests may pre-select a puppy a few days before or the day of the event. Please call us for more details.

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