Puppy Birthday Party

Puppy Birthday Party

What is a Puppy Party?

The newest craze in kids party entertainment is the puppy birthday party. A puppy party is mostly self explanatory. It’s a party where the guests of honor are puppies. Gone are the days of expensive birthday parties, like gymnastics or bounce house parties. Now you can have all the fun of a house full of puppies, without the mess and cleanup.

For a fraction of what traditional kids party entertainment costs, you can surround your child with puppies at their next birthday party. Puppy Party San Diego gives you and your closest friends two hours of pure puppy birthday party bliss. For the low cost of $499 children will be smothered in adorable puppy love and enjoy your choice of a pizza or breakfast bagel party. No need to worry about setup and cleanup either, we’ve got you covered. Simply sit back, relax, and let our puppies keep your kids entertained. As if furry, friendly puppies weren’t entertaining enough; by special request we can have our mascot “Buddy” make a special appearance.

As an added bonus, your puppy birthday party doesn’t have to cost you a thing. What could be better icing on the cake of a puppy birthday party than to bring home a puppy of your own? Your child will agree that puppies make the best birthday presents. During your puppy party you’ll have the option of purchasing any puppy from our store. If you can’t wait until your puppy birthday party to pick, you can choose from any of our puppies for sale and apply a credit towards your puppy party.

At Puppy Party San Diego we’ve found that a puppy birthday party is the most memorable, fun, and exciting kids party entertainment option available. Don’t go bowling for your next kids birthday party, come down and meet our lovable and adorable puppies. Have an experience unlike any other, and maybe even bring home a new family member.

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For more information about puppy parties contact us today and we’ll help you schedule a birthday party your child will never forget. Don’t take our word for it though, check out this video from Wall Street Journal about the rise in popularity of puppy parties.