Puppy Party Ideas

The Best Puppy Party Ideas

Puppy parties are more than just a dog in a room full of partygoers, though that is part of the fun. Puppies make great party guests, but what’s a party without fun and games. Here are a few puppy party ideas that will bring more fun and laughter to your next puppy party.

Pin the tail on the puppy. Not the real puppy!

Everybody loves the classic game of pin the tail on the donkey. Well, here’s a simple twist to go with the overall theme of your puppy party. Just be sure no one tries to pin the tail on an actual puppy.

Find the treat.

Puppies have an incredible sense of smell, even at a young age. For this game, have everyone participating sit in a circle. Have one of the puppies smell a treat in your hand, then cover the puppies eyes while you hand it to someone in the circle. Set the puppy down and watch the uncoordinated hilarity ensue as the little pup tries its best to sniff out his prize.

Puppy races

You’ll need to puppies at your party to pull this one off. Two party participants will need to hold two puppies side-by-side. Let them both smell a treat in your hand, then run about 20 feet away and show the puppies the treat. On the count of three, let the pups loose and call them both. Be sure to reward both participants with a treat, as this is really just the early stages of obedience training in the form of a puppy party game.

Costume Puppy Party.

The four-legged party goers don’t have to be the only K-9s at your puppy party. Invite guests to dress up for the event, or provide puppy costumes for participants. There’s not much more adorable than a 10-year-old dressed as a pug, holding a pug puppy. Some puppies reactions may even be worth the price of the costume.

Puppy Massages

This might not be the muscle tension reliever you need after a hard day at work, but it’s pretty amusing to watch a puppy march around on your co-workers back or stumble onto your daughters head. Make sure the puppy you choose for the massage has recently used the bathroom, there’s nothing relaxing about a wet spot on your shirt.

Puppy gift bags.

If your fellow party goers, especially children, have puppies of their own at home, put together a goodie bag with treats and toys for their dogs too. People seem to be more excited about their own dogs after partying with puppies. This way the excitement continues after the puppy party and might just rekindle the love they had for their old pooch.

Take home a puppy.

We don’t recommend giving your puppy partygoers a dog when they leave but consider bringing one home for yourself. Puppies make great gifts for those who are ready and committed to their care. If your family has been considering a new four-legged friend, this might be the best time decide. A puppy party is a great time to see how your child interacts with a puppy and whether you can handle the little stresses that come with dog ownership.

We hope you enjoyed these puppy party ideas. If you have any other suggestions, please leave them in the comments below.

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